About me


I go by the name of « Queen C » eonnie. It’s been a long time coming but I’m here now. Double 8 born, I was just a girl in High Skool, when I first discovered Kpop. Today, I want to live the Korean Dream. So I shout to the world shine a light!

I always say dream big even if it’s small! Too fast to live to young to die, ready or not here I come. I’m just wild and young. No matter what people say, I have so much in me. I won’t give up no matter what.

I Say A to all the fandoms, read me, follow me, like me, share me, all my Playgirlz and Playboyz you are the Hottest. I can see Clouds but no rain thanks to my lucky charm, Lucky Se7en. Tell me your wish I GOT7 to grant. Trust me, I play no games, only Blackjacks with my VIPs.

Never give up and live your dreams.

Queen C eonnie!


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