Wild K.A.R.D Party in Seoul!

Hi everyone!

So by now you might have already heard about DSP Media new band K.A.R.D? Oh, na, na? So you don’t recall all the body rolling rolling? Rumor has it that they will soon make their official debut!




WILD KARD PARTY showcase took place last night and I’m still really excited about the opportunity I had to be part of the « happy few » who saw the 4 members performing on stage.

Just for the record K.A.R.D is a 4 member co-ed group comprised of BM (Leader) also the King,  Jeon So Min (Black Joker), J. Seph (Ace) and Jeon JiWoo (Color Joker). The particularity of this new band is that they haven’t officially debuted or at least not the conventional way. Their 3 step-project singles started with « Oh NaNa« , which was quite a surprise to me. I instantly got hooked up to the dancehall, groovy style that emanated from the first song. With their follow-up single « Don’t recall » they set the bar higher! It’s definitely my favorite, the beat is addictive. They finally completed their project with « Rumor » which surprised me with its reggaeton vibes! K.A.R.D definitely knows how to groove and this is what set them apart from the current K-pop scene. They offer a more mature concept with very international vibes so that these songs would blend with your playlist naturally.



K.A.R.D is also very impressive as during their pre-debut concept they garnered a strong international popularity in a very short period of time. Thing I haven’t witnessed yet with other bands.

Expectations vs Reality

Being part of the WILD KARD PARTY made me realize that the promotion is only starting. It is very different to experience K.A.R.D from your computer in Europe or elsewhere in the world and from Korea. Before the event I was under the impression that K.A.R.D was huge already. They created such a buzz abroad with the release of « Oh NaNa » I thought K.A.R.D was already established in the music scene. When I was actually witnessing their premises. Which is even better as I had the opportunity to see them before the craziness they are about to create.

20170425_192950 (2)20170425_195113 (2)

It was a small and modest venue. I was expecting to see crazy fans when I was looking for the location but when I arrived I was maybe the 10th person and it was 2 hours prior to the show – I learnt my lesson with Jay Park. Waiting for 4 hours in the dark and still fear not to access the event – We were about 300 short-listed guests and then DSP Media staff members. They gave us a wristband and a blue light stick and compared to what I had imagined the crowd was pretty civilized 🙂 even though the majority lost it when the teasers were screened on stage, including me of course. Also, attending the event was pure luck, I saw the post on Facebook, I submitted my application and here I was on the list. *Special thank you to the staff members who allowed my friend to come in, despite not being on the list. FYI she did submit her application but were nowhere on the list. So thank you because it just made our day!

So as you can understand they still have work to do to make a name of themselves and build a strong and dedicated fandom here in Korea. I was also really happy to see many foreigners, all very dedicated indeed!


About the Show

You know this feeling when you are in the dark and you think that you see something but you don’t quite know what you are looking at and you start hyperventilating? When they first appeared on stage I, we just lost it. They are very impressive on stage, they have a very strong presence and great charisma. For example and I am now #FanGirling over BM but the guy is huge! The guy is everywhere, he’s not the usual K-skinny idol. #ThanksGod #PleaseStayThatWay and the voice damn!

I always felt a bit awkward with J.Seph who seemed to lag a bit from the rest of the members only to love him even more. He is a very good dancer and performer, has great energy and seems very funny actually. Then the girls have a great stage presence, very graceful and I really didn’t want to miss a bit of the performances. Only 3 songs, damn! They definitely did the job and set the stage on fire.

If you want to check their performances it’s down below :

K.A.R.D – Oh NaNa

K.A.R.D – Don’t recall

K.A.R.D- Rumor

After the first 2 songs as some of you have witnessed via VLive there’s been a Q&A, they gave away some CDs and finally treated us again with the first ever performance of « Rumor« . I must say that I am quite disappointed about this part. K.A.R.D seems to do very well abroad, they are even scheduled to go on a tour in South America and North America, they invited foreigners to the event, WILD KARD PARTY was live on VLive. So at least, I was expecting that the MC or even BM would interact more with the foreign audience. Fortunately I speak some Korean and could follow roughly what was happening but still it felt like…

Yeah, the second act was quite awkward and this is the current problem in the K-pop industry. 1 step forward 2 steps back. You cannot pretend wanting to access international recognition and not interact in English with the audience. I wasn’t expecting an all bilingual event but at least the MC could have translated some of the questions and key points of his speech and BM could at least translated part of the exchange. He is the only member we foreign fans can relate to as he’s from the U.S and can speak English so automatically we kind of relay on him to help us and act as the bridge between the global audience and the Korean one. Plus, the same day he was selected as special MC on After School Club (ASC) program. So this is definitely something they need to work on in order to gather the audiences and avoid the feeling of being left behind.


So finally, they concluded the Q&A part and performed for the first time « Rumor » on stage. We were all very excited to see them since the MV is very particular and we don’t see much of the dancing. So it was the opportunity to see it in full.

Honestly, K.A.R.D is definitely the band I am looking forward to this year and I can’t wait to hear the sound they will drop for their debut. Keep up with the great work!

Oh yes, I almost forgot… The HIGHLIGHT of the night, BM please don’t show your abs anymore it hurts… really. I thought me and my friend we’re adults enough to avoid over the top reactions. So when they performed « Oh NaNa » during the encore session we just decided to watch the performance the old fashion way #NoPhone #BigMistake #BM I swear I only blinked once only to be confronted to BM sudden insanely sexy abs. Here was our reaction :


Second best reaction? My friend and I sitting on a bench in Hongdea not far from the restaurant where they were having dinner. Yes, because we are not creepy at all. So we were talking about whatever we were talking about and I was looking at my side checking if they were going out, like very casually. Still not creepy and still talking about whatever I was talking about until I raised my head to look at my friend. I was caught-off-guards and actually set my eyes on BM walking down the street and passing by us like I could literally smell his perfume. We were SPEECH-LESS! #Slowmo mode activated! #NoBigDeal!


Final fact about that night which proves that K.A.R.D is just starting. As soon as we left the venue we decided to wait outside so we could see them once more. And yet again we were like 10 or so people waiting in the parking lot. DSP Media staff members overcrowded and yet we were all waiting quietly. Is it a Korean thing though? Or foreigners tend to be savages sometimes? 🙂

After 30 minutes or so they came out and once again we have been blissed by how casual they were. The Off stage personality was a shock. Yes, everybody they are human beings after-all! They left and walked freely in Hongdea, honestly I was in shock like I am the only creepy one in town who wants to go have dinner in the same restaurant and sit just beside them like it’s no big deal?

Stay tuned and show some love to K.A.R.D these guys are going to crush it!


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