One Summer Night : STARRY Night

La Famille BelierSo, I guess that I had to travel around 9000km and go to Jecheon Music & Film Festival to finally watch « La Famille Bélier » directed by Eric Lartigau. The 2014, most successful French film of the year with over 7 million admissions…  I must say, after this long trip, I was kind of happy to enter the screening room, sit and be able to watch a movie without making too many efforts to understand.

It’s usually not my type but I was curious about this film, since I heard so much about it and Louane won the César of the Best Emerging Actress in 2015.  And you know what? I didn’t fall alseep, I actually watched it in full and kind of got « pretty » emotional at the end. Okay let’s keep it between you and I.

And now, let’s talk about the highlight of the day : One Summer Night – Starry Night.

So, every night we were treated with great performances at the Cheongpung lake open-air stage. And it was pretty epic!


For the record, HYUKOH is an indie rock band, composed of four members (Oh Hyuk, Im Dong Geon, Lee In Wu and Im Hyeon Je) evolving under the new label HIGHGRND founded by Tablo from Epik High, a sub-label of YG Entertainment.

I guess that I was lucky to see them in Jecheon, considering the fact that HYUKOH has been ruling Korean charts this year. Far from the well oiled and manufactured K-pop bands, HYUKOH brought a fresh impulse in the music scene. Proving that even though K-pop has flooded the market there is still room for Indie music. And it feels good! Seeing them, performing live on stage was something. I really love indie rock music, and once again music has the power to gather people even though we don’t understand the meaning. And somethimes you don’t need to understand everything all you need is to be carried away. 

I loved Oh Hyuk’s husky voice, the low tempo songs, the guitar, the 90s feeling. Also, they mostly mixed English and Korean lyrics so at some point I got mixed up (Did my Korean improved or what? ). The live performance upgraded what I heard on youtube.

One bad thing though… Dude, drop the attitude! Okay, Oh Hyuk was sick, but still. My first impression on the band was, that guy isn’t making any efforts. Small talks, not really sharing with the public, not really happy… And it saddened me a bit because I had mixed feeling afterwards. I talked about it to a friend of mine and her answer was really funny. « Yeah I know right! It’s his signature, the guy is like that but he’s so talented. Dont mind him. He’s a monk, a cute and talented monk. » Me : « Oh-kay« .

Here is a sneak peek, I’m actually furious because I took many videos and this is the only where the sound came out :

My favorite song though, I keep on listening to it ever since I heard it :



Big up to THE SOLUTIONS!!! The band is a-ma-zing! The moment they came on stage, the stage went on fire!!! I’ll pass the so called analysis of the band and genre and so on. The moment they started to perform I could no longer sit. I never heard about them before and they came up as a surprise. The singer has this amazing presence on stage, full of energy with great vocals. I literrally started to sing along even though I’ve never heard the songs before. Plus, their songs are in English which makes the process even easier.  They were like fireworks, too many many things to see not enough time to catch every single details. They didn’t give us a second to rest, they were having fun, singing catchy tunes and literrally brought me into their universe. And it was over too soon and I was totally drained of energy.

Official website :

ps : watch more videos on my official channel Screen-Shot-2013-08-29-at-9.53.33-AM-640x538



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