I GOT7 reasons to love them !


I actually had a huuuuge crush only a few weeks ago, when I finally decided to watch DREAM HIGH season 2. I don’t know why it took me so long but I finally did it last month. And then, it was love at first sight… just kidding … or not :-). I must say I was a bit desapointed but here isn’t the topic. I discovered JB an JR and I just fell in love and I am very surprised that I haven’t made the connection with JJ Project at first !

Anyway, JB just stole my heart and his cover of « When I can’t sing » from SE7EN just kept me going and I finally caught myself looking for more about JB.

GOT7 logo

Just to sum up, GOT7 is « THE » new Hip Hop band from JYP Entertainment (Part of the big 3 major K-pop companies in Korea — SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment). They debuted earlier this year in January, 16th, 2014 with the hit song « Girls, Girls, Girls ».

GOT7 - Girls, Girls, Girls

I’m actually very surprised by GOT7 as I haven’t had this feeling for a while. Kpop has been the same lately and I haven’t tried to discover other artists, until now. What I love about them it’s their personalities, they have really strong individual personalities when K-pop tends to create a character for each members, I fell for their natural personalities and behaviours. Even though they are young, they all sound very mature and can talk about their own experiences and feelings in a very mature way. GOT7 is fresh, dynamic and it’s good to see brand new faces.

MY TOP 3 ❤ /

3 members caught my attention starting with JB. He’s the leader of GOT7, which is not the best position as you have to lead the other members and inspire respect. He’s calm and after watching different radio interviews I found out that he was very mature for his age. I could definitely relate to him easily ;).

JB Leader GOT7He’s got  a good voice, but I’m looking forward to him to sing more and show us some powerful high notes or just powerful songs. He’s already wrote a song «Bad Behaviour» which is unusual for a rookie group as K-pop artists tend to sing others songs. Okay, it’s not the most meaningful one but it’s a start and for once a Rookie group starts by singing their own songs and I’m looking forward to hearing more of his thoughts as his experiences will fill his lyrics. Finally, his smile ! (sigh) Come on, his smile could melt any girl’s heart, right?!

Jackson Wang GOT7 Hip moveThen, Jackson, « Wild and Sexy », one thing is sure, Jackson is wild ! I love when he laughs, he’s funny, he’s definitely one of the best dancers and he has the evil hip move that I love (see for yourself),the other one is Bi Rain – He mastered it!

I’m actualy watching ROOMMATE #2 and I must say I’m always looking forward to his next move. This guy is hilarious ! The wild and sexy thing is all an act I think as he seems way more sensitive than he lets us see. Also, as being one of the foreign members I really admire the fact that he can easily speak 4 languages fluently.

Mark Tuan GOT7Finally, Mark, I have troubles with him but at the same time it makes him very interesting. He’s always very quiet, doesn’t speak, he’s very secret, maybe it’s his way to preserve himself from the wild fandom. He’s still very charismatic and I’m looking forward to learn more about his personality. He’s got his charms, not by being the only flying member but by being the only one to have this very deep voice ! When I first listened to « Hello », I thought : « Oh-my ! I love his very deep voice ». If you see what I mean.


I love both Mini Albums « GOT LOVE » and «GO IT ? », they both have very catchy songs, mixing styles – upbeat, R&B, dance, electro – but I hope they will come back with a more personal style, less commercial as I think that GOT7 can surprise us in the future and grow BIG !

If I have to choose one song, it would be « I LIKE YOU ». I don’t know, I always have those few words in my head « nun niga joha ». It’s very addictive and I would have loved to see a MV * instead of ripping the replay button of their dance practice.


If you don’t know them yet, please check their mini web series « Real GOT7 » on the official JYP Entertainment youtube channel. It gives you an insight of their everyday life, it’s short, funny and very addictive.

GOT7 Around the world

GOT7 debut in Japan /

I must say I’ve always disliked K-pop bands debuting in Japan. K-pop artists used to wait a year or so before debuting in Japan, nowadays they haven’t already reached their full potential in their domestic market that they are already promoting in Japan. For example, GOT7 has already debuted in Japan, only 9 months after debuting in Korea. I really don’t understand the rush in promoting bands abroad, Japan for instance. When they should first bild a strong audience in Korea. If it’s only for international recognition, I don’t think they need it. As I really feel like Japan has grown saturated by Korean music.

Entering Japanese market is not always a mean of success and I usually found myself desapointed by Korean music becoming Japanese. Korean style doesn’t match Japanese aesthetic and music standards. So everytime, K-pop artists debut in Japan, we have this awkward mix of music cultures. And I think this is a risk they take when prematurely entering the Japanese market when they should first get a strong fanbase in Korea, show what they are worth before moving forward. Instead of launching mediocre Japanese-ish songs made of 90% English lyrics and 10% of Japanese. I think that it’s a failed attempt to reach the Japanese audience which is becoming K-pop proof.

And once again, I felt a bit desapointed by « AROUND THE WORLD » PV*. The worst part was definitely the DRAGON BALL Z move. It felt so awkward.

GOT7 Around the world

I realized that every band, when debuting in Japan, lost their identities, their souls. What made them what they originaly were just disapears when entering the Japanese market for a fake and slick version of what they really are. GOT7, please don’t lose yourselves too !

Just see how After School just ruined their hits « BANG ! » and « DIVA ». Let’s pretend that we never heard about those two failures, when I am also a huge Playgirlz. I am nostalgic of the old After School.

GOT7 hits 10 millions views on Youtube for « A » 

Only released in June, 23rd, 2014, the MV « » reached the 10 million views on Youtube yesterday and I am very excited about the news as it means that GOT7 is definitely rising !

Let’s not stop loving GOT7! GOT7 Fighting!

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